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I went 'Solo' in Cuatro Islas and it was a hassle-free tour!

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Cuatro Islas is a tourist spot in Inopacan Leyte which is composed of four islets namely Mahaba, Apid, Digyo and Himokilan. The latter belongs to a different municipality so it's usually not included with the tour. Hopefully they'll change the name to 'Tres Islas' instead of cuatro so people will not be confused 😂. Anywaaay, it would be really nice to go there with friends or family but they are not outgoing as I am so I ended up going there alone 😓. Doing it solo means I have to pay minimum of Php2,500 to rent a boat since they don't have public transportation. Luckily, I found a tour coordinator who let me join in with a group of tourists from Manila so I can pay less. Yey!

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Mahaba Beach

Mahaba Beach

Mahaba was the first island we visited and I love it! It was like a virgin island. I only saw one house and that was only for the caretaker of the island. Compared to the next island, Apid, it was like a residential area with many houses and boats. It looks a bit messy that we decided to just go directly to the next one which is my favorite, Digyo island!

Thanks to my tripod for taking this shot 😁

Digyo Island is simply beautiful. It's quite similar to Kalanggaman Island with its white sandbar and crystal clear water. Of course Kalanggaman is still the best beach in Leyte however Digyo has its distinct beauty that captured my heart - it has an accessible marine sanctuary. I didn't expect to see a lot of fishes! I couldn't find Nemo but I was happy knowing that I was actually not swimming alone. You can check the video at the bottom of this page to see my new found fishy friends!

Another thing that I like about the island is how the locals sell food and beverages. It's just the normal price! I find it amusing because in Kalanggaman and Sambawan, it's usually twice the original price. I guess it depends with the distance of the island because Cuatro Islas is not too far from the mainland. I think it took us only 15-20 minutes boat ride going to the first 'islet'.

digyo island, cuatro islas, inopacan, leyte, when in tacloban, tacloban blogger
Digyo Island Sandbar. It was not sunny so it doesn't look really vibrant but it's actually nice.

Digyo Island
digyo island, inopacan, leyte, tacloban, ormoc, baybay, tacloban blogger
Digyo Island

Brokenhearted? Wanna get drunk, wild and crazy? You can do it here! There are several stores selling Emperador and other alcoholic beverages 😂. You can pitch a tent (Php200-Php250) and stay overnight. You can also rent a closed cottage for Php500. I tried to use one of their public comfort rooms and it was not well-maintained. But once you get back in Inopacan port, you can take a shower and use a good comfort room.

I can't really provide a detailed travel guide because I had a hassle-free tour with Kuya Jeboi's tour package. Upon checking online, his packages were the cheapest. You may contact him at 09278371482 or message him in fb Rates would depend on the number of people in your group or if there are joiners or other groups travelling on that same date.

If you really want to go there DIY style, from Tacloban or Ormoc just ride a van going to Maasin (via Baybay) and let the driver drop you off at Inopacan Municipal Hall. The port going to Cuatro Islas is just at the back of this building.

inopacan municipal hall
Inopacan Municipal Hall

Some info that could help.

Comfort Rooms

Fees and rates

You can grill your meat here. Pork, chicken, fish . . 😁

Souvenir shop

Tubig for sale with special promo of libre hatud

Another souvenir shop

just a work of art

They also have emperador here lol

Food is served!

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