Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Biri Island Travel Guide 2016

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If I will have to stay in one place without doing anything – like literally just sitting and breathing, no internet and no gadgets, then it would be in the Island of Biri. The placid atmosphere, the strong waves of the Pacific and the scenic massive rock formations –  it left me damn speechless. Oh wait, actually no, I remember saying “wooowww”, like every 10 minutes! It’s one of the many places here in the Philippines where you’ll witness how nature works in mysterious, beautiful ways - just like love. 😀

For the budget wanderlusters who are dying to go there, you have to read this blog seriously and if you don’t want to be absent or late for work the following day, try to absorb every word that I say here. My friend missed a day at work because we didn’t expect so much waiting in vain during the trip. She’s based in Cebu and I’m from Tacloban. Anyway, here’s a detailed sample itinerary below. This is a better itinerary that what really happened to us there in terms of transportation. I’m including an easy route for those coming from Cebu as well.

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