Thursday, July 21, 2016

Easy commute to and from NAIA Terminal 3 in Manila

Commuting in Manila

I just want to share this because I'm proud to say - I didn't take a cab while I was in Manila! It's an 'hallelujah' feeling when you're a budget traveler like me. Being alone there and the crazy heavy traffic  would mean a higher taxi fare and that's really a pain in the butt (of my pocket).

So okay, as soon as you go out of NAIA Terminal 3, turn to the right side (no need to cross the street) and at the very right, you'll see a small kiosk for a bus shuttle going to Baclaran and/or TAFT Avenue MRT Station. This is connected to LRT EDSA station so it's okay whether you will have to ride LRT or MRT. Fare is only 20 pesos.

NAIA Terminal 3 bus shuttle signage
This is the sign that will tell you, you're at the right place.

girl in a kiosk in the NAIA airport going to baclaran or MRT station
Pay here before getting in the bus. Ate, smile ka nman jan

If you plan to go to SM MOA, you can ride the same bus and get off at Baclaran so you can ride the designated public vehicles going to MOA. You'll have an idea if it's Baclaran already when a lot of passengers are getting off the bus. As for me, since I was at the back, I thought it's not yet Baclaran so I stayed until it did a full stop, which was already in MRT station. Good thing there were also jeepneys going to MOA near the area but I had to walk a little bit. Landmark would be Kabayan Hotel, which is just along the main road. 7 pesos for the jeepney ride.

MRT map LRT map
Your Google Map and THIS would be a great combo if you're planing to roam around Manila via public transportation

Going back to NAIA Terminal 3 is the same. From wherever you are, go to Taft MRT or Edsa LRT station and look for McDonald's. If you're facing  McDonald's, at the right side of it would be like a driveway going inside. Just follow that until you see the buses. This is the same terminal where the bus stops coming from the airport. As per the driver, their normal time of operation is from 5AM to 10PM.

If you are from MOA, you can take the public utility vehicle (multicabs in MOA terminal) going to MRT Taft Station. Make sure to ask the driver first before getting in, just to be on the safe side.

If you need to go to Robinsons Galleria, you may ride a train in MRT 3 and get off at Ortigas Station. Just walk maybe 2 blocks away from the station. If you need to go to Trinoma, ride the MRT 3 still and get off at North Ave Station. Trinoma is directly connected to this Station. These were the routes I had when I was in Manila.

pink small bag
My baggage. All that I have in me for my 6-day trip.

See, it's easy like that! I packed lightly so the commute was easier for me. I wouldn't recommend this to those with a really heavy baggage though. 

I recommend everyone to ask questions at the right people. It's the core of my successful commute in Manila. Thanks to all the security personnel and police officers who were very helpful in giving me directions. Salute!

*This is updated as of July 14, 2016


  1. I totally love and appreciate what you are doing, You picked out such a good topic for your blog you definitely got yourself a new follower.

  2. does the bus has a route going to bambang?

  3. thank you and God bless you You did a good job for humanity from Montreal Canada


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