Saturday, July 23, 2016

Complete Sagada Experience on a Budget - for a "Solo" Traveler

My Delightful Sagada Adventure 2016

beautiful sunrise
SAGADA - the place where broken hearts go - is by far, the most memorable trip I had to date. Not only did I meet new friends but  also experienced interesting activities such as spelunking,  top loading on a jeepney and oh, my longest physically-draining-but-empowering trek ever. Hmn, it's rather a place for adventurous people than for broken hearts! Now I'm proud to say "I survived the adventures of Sagada!".

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Where to leave your bags (for the day) in Manila

Where to leave your bags (for a day) in Manila

Since I had to wait for like 9 hours before I start to head for Sagada, I had to kill some time and since my bag was killing my back, I had to leave it somewhere. I was looking for something like a 'Traveler's Lounge' just like in SM City Cebu where you can leave your bags for a minimum fee of 30 pesos, but I couldn't find anything online.

Easy commute to and from NAIA Terminal 3 in Manila

Commuting in Manila

I just want to share this because I'm proud to say - I didn't take a cab while I was in Manila! It's an 'hallelujah' feeling when you're a budget traveler like me. Being alone there and the crazy heavy traffic  would mean a higher taxi fare and that's really a pain in the butt (of my pocket).

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