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Canigao Island, Matalom Leyte

canigao travel guide 2016
Canigao Island, Leyte

Canigao Island is the perfect place to get away from a boring weekend especially if you're staying in Leyte. There's nothing much to do here but it's a nice way to relax and have fun with family and/or friends in a white beach - the cheaper way.

If you're already in Tacloban, you just need to ride a van going to Maasin and make sure to tell the driver to drop you off in Matalom going to Canigao Island. Most of the drivers know where to drop you off. I would suggest you sit somewhere near the driver's seat. Price would be Php200-220. When you get off the van, just walk a few meters until you see some kiosks with colorful summer outfits for sale. Write your name on their logbook, pay for the fees and wait for the operator to call you when your boat is ready for departure. Me and my friend paid for a total of Php290 only - 100 for the tent space and 95 each for the boat transfer (going to and from the Island) and entrance fee.

How to get to Canigao Island from Cebu:

1. Take a Roble ferry boat from Cebu to either Baybay or Hilongos (Php270-400). Or Medallion transport ferry bound for Bato. Bato is the nearest one but I'm not sure with the rates. For roble, you can check the rates through this link: http://www.robleshipping.com/rates/. You may click this link for the sailing schedules of boats from Cebu to Leyte: http://www.cpa.gov.ph/external/sailing_schedules_cebu-leyte.pdf

2. From Hilongos or Baybay, take a van going to Matalom. You can ride a van bound to Maasin since Matalom is just on the way. If you're in Baybay, you just need to walk to the terminal near the port. For Hilongos, you will have to  ride a "potpot" (three-wheeled manual vehicle) going to the van terminal. From Bato port, just ride a tricycle going to Matalom directly (Php12 per head). 

3. Then same process as what I mentioned above.

As for the amenities, they have shower and comfort rooms available but it's hard to find it during the night. The water is kind of salty so you might still smell like seawater even after showering. You can pitch a tent for the night. They have available tents for rent (Php300) or if you have your own tent, just pay Php100 for the space fee. You can buy fresh seafood from their little market and grill it yourself in their grilling area. They also have "Silog" meals at their small market for Php100 including drinks but I would still suggest you bring your own  food.

We went there on a summer weekend  so the island was crowded with so many locals. I would suggest not to go there on a weekend during summer especially if you're coming from a distant place. You might not appreciate it especially if you're looking forward to a quiet vacation. But anyway, I like how they have a public boat going to and from the island, compared to other islands in Leyte where you will have to rent the whole boat for Php2500 to 3K. I also like how they have an area with white pebbles and some are very fine white sand.  I also enjoy swimming in the water because it felt clean and there were no sharks! :D

If you're from a far away land, I would suggest you visit Cuatro Islas as well. It's just a few KM away from Canigao. Boat rental would be 2.5K to 3K. Unfortunately, they don't have a public utility boat yet. I will have to go there soon and do a blog as well. Soooooon <3

canigao travel guide 2016
People falling in line to list their names and pay for the fees

canigao travel guide 2016

canigao travel guide 2016

canigao travel guide 2016

Little pinay explorer on the go

white beach in the philippines

coast guard boat sea 
Baywatch feels

little hut in the shore
Got nothing else to do but take a picture . .

and a stolen picture . .

alone in the beach melodramatic
and a melodramatic picture pang-hugot

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  1. This island looks like a dream come true vacation spot. It looks so aesthetic, and so peaceful there. I honestly wouldn't mind spending a weekend there.


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