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Siquijor Travel on a budget 2016

Siquijor Travel Guide

I love Siquijor logo
Welcome to Siquijor!

I was not expecting I'll be traveling to Siquijor because of the numerous scary stories spreading before - but when I went there, it was actually one of the most peaceful and serene places I've been to. Good thing my colleagues decided to go there.

We just spent 2 days and 1 night stay since it was just our weekend off from work. We did not have a good weather on the first day so I was a bit disappointed that I was not able to get a good picture at the famous Salagdoong beach, but still, traveling with good friends is more fun.

i love dumaguete logo
Quickie in Dumaguete

We did the Cebu-Dumaguete-Siquijor route since it's the most cost efficient.  If you're from Manila, you can book  a flight directly to Dumaguete. Here are more details about the route and expenses:

  • Cebu South Terminal to Santander (Liloan) = Php185 (Bus ride)
  • Santander to Sibulan Negros = Php62 (Boat Ride) + 15 Terminal fee
  • Sibulan to Dumaguete Port = Php11 (Multicab PUJ)
  • Dumaguete Port to Siquijor = Php130 (Boat ride) + 15 Terminal fee
  • Room Accomodation = Php500 each (Php3500 / 7pax)
  • City Tour ride = Php300 each (We rented a Multicab vehicle with driver for  2k)
  • Salagdoong Entrance fee = Php25
  • Cambugahay falls = Php30 (No entrance fee but we paid for the tour guide going to the falls

You can just go to South Bus terminal and ask around about the bus going to Santander, Liloan. It's approximately 3- 4 hours bus ride. The bus will stop at the Santander Port so no need to worry about getting lost. Although we had to ride several vehicles to get there, it was just smooth and we did not encounter any problem along the way.

local cruise picture
Feeling like a Queen inside the boat - on the way to Siquijor Island

Taking a nap inside the boat going to Siquijor from Dumaguete

The room we got was really nice. It was big, clean, with 2 air conditioning units , mini refrigerator, with swimming pool and a pretty decent wifi. Too bad I was not able to take pictures inside. Anyway, the location was also good as it  was beach front. The name was Toris Paradise. They also offer accommodation for backpackers. You may check their site -->

jeepney in the philippines
Siquijor Angels tour - in our rented Multicab 

As for the tour, if you are with a group, you can hire a multicab with driver. If it's just 2 of you, I recommend you choose the tricycle (or  motorbike for 200-300 per day).  There would also be a lot of locals who will be offering you the tour once your arrive at the Siquijor port. As part of the tour, we went to the famous Cambugahay Falls. I tried that Tarzan jump and it was a success! We also went to  Salagdoong beach where you can do the cliff diving but it was raining at that time so we just swam in the beach. My favorite part was the fish spa for only 5pesos! I never experienced fish spa before so I was scared at first. I was imagining piranhas eating my feet lol, but I overcame my fear  and loved it so much.

cambugahay water falls in siquijor
Second water fall in Cambugahay (It has 3 sections)

nice waterfalls in philippines
I sooo love this photo! 
tarzan jump in siquijor
While doing the Tarzan jump
cambugahay falls
Just look at those photobombers :o

One interesting thing about the place is they sell love potions for 200-500 pesos, specifically in their souvenir shop. I think they only have one souvenir shop. We asked the staff how effective it is and he said that it's "proven and tested" haha. I did not buy it because I believe in true love (LOL). Maybe when I'm already 35 and is still single, I'll definitely go back there to get some haha.

balete tree in siquijor
While having our natural foot spa

mysterious balete tree
The old enchanted Balete Tree. Enchanting isn't it?

Overall, I only spent 2K for the trip and it was worth it. I would recommend Siquijor because it's with lesser tourists/visitors. It can help you with your soul searching. It's also perfect for lovers - walking together on the beach while holding hands, stargazing at night and having an adventure together.

Just a simple dinner inside our room without the hotel attendants knowledge - not sure if they will charge us corkage for this

beautiful beach picture in the morning
The scenery is so dramatic - I wanna cry 

melodramatic picture on the beach
By the beach at 7AM. I just love these dramatic emotera pictures

beach life
Because the sky is perfect for a shoefie

beautiful beach photo

~ FIN ~


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