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Malapascua Travel Guide 2016

Welcome to Malapascua, Cebu!

malapascua white beach

It's summer again and I feel like going to the beach! It was a Saturday and a holiday when me and a crazy friend of mine planned for a trip to Oslob for just a day trip. It was a bit crowded at South Bus Terminal so we decided to change our destination and immediately rode a taxi to North Bus terminal, without even finalizing to what specific beach are we headed for.  After a few minutes of brainstorming and a little bit of research, we finally decided to go to Malapascua. We just checked online for more info on how to get there and for hotel accommodations. We got a long list of resort contact numbers but because it was a Saturday plus a holiday,  almost all that we contacted were fully booked and some available rooms were beyond our budget.

Anyway, enough with this long story. Here's a list of the expenses I  had during my trip:

  • Bus to Maya port - Php168 (non-aircon Rough Rider Bus)
  • Boat from Maya port to Malapascua - Php100 + 20 flat boat (esp when it's low tide)
  • Room Accommodation - Php900each (Cocobana Hotel - Non aircon room)
  • Island Hopping/Snorkeling - Php500 each

port boat philippines
This is Maya port and our ride going to Malapascua Island. They don't have a terminal yet - which is good because there's no terminal fee :D

  • Boat from Malapascua to Maya port - Php100
  • Bus going back to Cebu - Php200 (Aircon Ceres)

Upon arriving at Malapascua Island, we were welcomed by 3 men who talked to us and literally walk with us while looking for a place to stay. They were so helpful that I'm thinking maybe they get a little percentage for the money that we pay to the hotel (so I think no need to feel obliged to pay them for helping you).  They also offered Island hopping with snorkeling and to Kalanggaman Island tour for Php800 each with free lunch buffet. Due to lack of time and money, we just opted for the Island hopping for Php1200 (but I was able to haggle down the price to 1K, after a heavy negotiation lol). That's already including the whole boat with snorkeling set and life vest.

cocobana hotel malapascua
Inside our room in Cocobana Hotel

cocobana hotel malapascua
Relaxing in the balcony. Inhale. exhale.

We booked a room at Cocobana Hotel for Php1800. It was a really nice and clean, with balcony facing the beach, but no AC. This is for the reason that the island is just using generators for their electricity so it's a majority of fan-only rooms there. They also have 1k fan-only rooms, good for 2pax, but it was not available at that time. You may contact them at 09159200011. There is an accommodation for backpackers  as well for Php500 each. The name is Divelink Cebu. You may refer to the picture below for the contact numbers of the resorts and/or other services such as scuba diving, etc. I've noticed that the price range for the rooms are from 1k-3k and they have a lot of scuba diving facilities. I'm guessing that the foreigners are there to do the scuba diving because it's cheaper or maybe with better diving spots.

malapascua accommodation contact numbers
Some of the contact numbers are not working anymore. Some are actual numbers of the owners (foreigners) so just expect they will ask you to speak English over the phone.

malapascua island hopping
The legendary boat we rode for the snorkeling - good for 3 hours

One thing I like here is the seawater. Other beaches have very salty or itchy water but not in Malapascua so we really enjoyed swimming during our snorkeling session. They also have a wide sanctuary for fishes. Just make sure to bring a lot of bread. They love eating that! It's perfect if you have an underwater camera to take a good shot with the beautiful fishes.

My gay friend enjoying the gay water

Malapascua Travel Guide 2016

malapascua white beach philippines
A couple beach bumming together. #MayForever

ging gings restaurant malapascua
The famous Ging-gings Restaurant. All the locals will recommend this when you ask them where to eat. It's cheaper compared to other restaurants there and the food tastes good!

bizarre kitchen on the boat
The smallest kitchen I have even seen! This is inside the boat going to Malapascua Island

bizarre toilet in the boat
Toilet with a twist! It's open air.
halo halo in the philippines
[Foodtrip] halo-halo for only 25pesos

Filipino street food fish balls
[Foodtrip - fish balls and kikiam]

HDR beach picture
This was at 5PM just on the other part of the beach.
If it's too hot and you need a hat or sarong, you can buy it here. It's near Blue Corals hotel.

malapascua sunset cruise
Just saw this while strolling. Try it!

while waiting for sunrise

guy at the beach at night time
Stargazing at night is perfect at the beach!

Blue Corals Hotel

You can use Globe 3G network if you have no wifi in your room. Mobile data is actually working good.

By the way, about the Kalanggaman Island tour, kuya Leo said it's a boat good for 25pax. I would really want to visit Kalanggaman but I've heard that Palompon tourism is not going to accept boats visiting Kalanggaman from other islands anymore (other than the actual boats from Palompon) because of a recent issue. But kuya said that they are still allowed to go there, same as before.  Anyway, if you want  to try this you may contact Kuya Leo at this number 09057497232. You may contact him as well for the Snorkeling. 

That's all folks! See you again next time. :)


  1. Wow, white sand too . . . in the Philippines

  2. You seems to have really good time out there and why not so, this place looks really good and I am going to visit it once in my life for sure. Thank you for sharing it with us

    1. Thanks for your comment. I hope you'll have a good time too when you go there :)


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