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Budget-Friendly Bohol Travel Guide 2016


alona white beach philippines
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One of the main tourist destinations in the Philippines is Bohol. If you're from Cebu, it's so easy to go there. You just need to ride a fast craft boat from Cebu (Pier Uno) to Tagbilaran via Oceanjet. You can buy a ticket at the same Pier. Their earliest trip is at 6AM and the last trip is at 6:30PM. You may check the schedule on this page --> http://www.oceanjet.net/fare-and-schedule. Supercat and Weesam has the same route as well.  (http://www.supercat.com.ph/Destinations/sched.asp?route=68#dtn and https://www.weesam.ph/schedules/). If you're from Manila, there are direct flights to Tagbilaran via Cebu Pacific, Airasia and Philippine Airlines.

From Cebu pier, we arrived in Bohol after 2 hours and immediately started our Tagbilaran City tour. There's bunch of locals waiting at the port offering city tour and hotel accommodations so it's still okay to go there unprepared. Just make sure you have enough money on hand.

We booked a big room (good for 5 pax) at Beach Rock Resort, located near Alona Beach. It's just an ordinary non-posh accommodation but pretty decent for only 2,500 pesos. A little walk of less than 2 minutes and you'll be enjoying the fine white sand and enticing waters of Alona beach. If you want to book a room at Beach Rock Resort, you can contact Judith via mobile +639089760079. Alona beach is perfect for the extroverts and party-lovers. Similar to boracay, they have few drinking bars, restaurants and heaps of foreigners. It was mostly Asians and Caucasians. We felt like a group of Filipinos vacationing in another country. Anyway, if you're an introvert, try the less crowded Dumaluan beach.

As for the Tagbilaran City tour, I really enjoyed the Loboc river cruise. The river was certainly placid and relaxing! 450 pesos for the cruise with lunch buffet. Their Filipino inspired food was just basic and kinda tasteless. It would be perfect if they will add more flavors to it. Of course for a first timer, you can't miss their Chocolate hills. It was not yet summer when we went there so it was looking more of Macha-flavored hills than chocolate.  The other stop-overs were just so-so.

Here's a summary of my expenses:

Expenses Price Remarks
Fast craft boat Cebu to Tagbilaran PHP 800.00 Roundtrip
Room Accommodation (Beach Rock Resort) PHP 500.00 Total 2500/5pax
Tagbilaran City Tour PHP 500.00 Total 3000/6pax
Loboc River Cruise  PHP 450.00 With lunch
Entrance fees/misc PHP 300.00 chocolate hills, butterfly farm, loboc river, Tarsier trail, etc
Total PHP 2,550.00

 Budget-friendly isn't it? Anyway, here are the pictures of us cool kids!

man made forest in tagbilaran bohol
Inhaling fresh air at the man-made forest

chocolate hills in tagbilaran bohol
Say hello to the chocolate hills!
best sunrise picture
Beautiful sunrise in Bohol

sunrise in bohol 
The sunrise girl

river cruise in tagbilaran bohol
Loboc River

loboc green river in Bohol
Loboc River girl
butterfly farm in tagbilaran bohol
The butterflies were sleeping so this . .

butterfly farm
and this
butterfly farm
and this!

chocolate hills in bohol
All sweaty after that 200-something steps
chocolate hills in bohol
And the sky was saying something.

Flirting with the palahubog boys lol   

loboc river cruise bohol
We got a souvenir

tarsier in bohol

Aye aye captain!

~ FIN ~ 


  1. Welcome to my Town.I hope you had a good time at Bohol.

    1. Of course! Bohol is love! I'll be back next time :)

  2. Bohol is love?what's that suppose to mean?hehe.well next month,I will be in Bohol and I will be happy to tour you around on the spots that only d local people knows.:)

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  4. Got no plans for bohol yet coz I'll be in manila on July. Hehe. But thanks though. Bohol is love because it's lovable 😁

  5. Got no plans for bohol yet coz I'll be in manila on July. Hehe. But thanks though. Bohol is love because it's lovable 😁

  6. Ano ba yan hindi ako ang naka comment first... well nandiyan naman mukha ko sa mga pics bwahahaha... agi chaka na post ngani hi comment ka duduha na popost masumo.. gin dedelete ko pat usa..

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