Monday, November 23, 2015

CAT CAFE in Cebu

I've visited this café many times already and I just love these bitchy cats that I decided to  write about them.

Chong enjoying his nap time

It's a café with probably more than 10 cats inside.  My favorite is this white cat named "Chong". He is actually the King of the Cat Café jungle. According to the caretaker, he is super chickboy because he had a relationship with all the female cats there so they decided to cut his balls  (yep, true story LOL ). So now he easily becomes irritated and does not want to take selfies with humans anymore.  But he really looks handsome with his thick white fur. No wonder all the female cats would fall in love with him. I remember when I was a kid, we always had at least one cat at home and they usually get spoiled so my mom would throw them away.

If you're wondering about hygiene and all, they have a designated poop and pee box that they were trained to use. There's also sanitizer for every table. There's a distinct smell whenever you enter the room but it's not a bad smell.   Something like minty smell.

If you're thinking that they will be stealing your food, nope they won't. I think they don't like human food. They will just give you this I-don't-care-about-you-go-away face. Haha. I haven't tried a lot of their food yet but they serve salads, sandwiches, frappe and fruit shakes.  I like their Lemon-Cucumber chill drink because it's healthy and refreshing.

I like staying in this café during my lazy days, especially during weekdays afternoon because it's not too crowded usually from 12NN to 4PM. And I did not feel intimidated by the customers even if I was alone. They usually have a pretty decent wifi connection but the last time I went there (11/23/2015), they had problems with the internet. I hope it gets sorted out very soon.

Meow, Let's take a selfie!

He just gave me a poker face and went away  lol

This café is located at V. Rama Avenue in Guadalupe, Cebu City.   It is beside Villa Fatima Subdivision and it is adjacent to corner V.Rama and L. Bacayo streets. They open from 12NN-10PM  If you're a commuter, you can ride jeepney 06B, 06F and 06H.

To all cat lovers out there, put this in your bucket list . Enjoy!

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