Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Trip to Kawasan Falls

Kawasan falls has been one of the common places to visit in Cebu especially for people who wants to have fun somewhere with lesser expenses. It's located in Badian, somehow near Moalboal beach. Some would visit Kawasan in the morning then go to Moalboal beach in the afternoon and stay there for the night. 

How to get there:
  1. Ride 01K Jeepney from Colon or E-Mall to South Bus terminal or you can simply ride a taxi.
  2. Look for the bus going to Badian or you can ask a lot of personnel there what to ride to go to Kawasan. The fare is Php130 - one way
  3. Just tell the driver / conductor to stop at Kawasan falls. You will also see a signage of the Kawasan falls at the left side of the road.

If none of you have been there yet, don't be afraid to try because the drivers  and conductors already know that there's a lot of people going there so they'll just stop and shout when you've reached the bus stop for Kawasan Falls already. Just don't forget to constantly remind the conductor though. We just don't know, he might be suffering from a short term memory loss.

From the time that you walk down the bus, there would be tour guides waiting and will try to assist you. I'm not sure how much is their "talent fee" because we immediately declined and just walked straight. It was our first time but I didn't think that we needed a tour guide and I was right! It's a 1.5Km rocky road walking so if you're someone with a few extra pounds and you're not used to a lot of physical activity, just be ready.

The main activity there is ------ taking pictures! Haha. Second is swimming. Just be careful though, there could be deep parts that you may not know. If you can bring your floaters, that'd be fine but you can also rent a life jacket for Php100. You can also pay the bamboo banka ride for Php400 (for the whole group already) so you can get close to the falls and take better pictures. They also offer canyoneering. I'm not so sure but I think it was Php1200.

Things to remember:
  1. Don't expect to find a toilet that easy especially if you're not going to check-in for a room rental there. I only saw 1 CR that can be used by the public with a fee of Php10 per use. I actually changed clothes outside (with the use of a towel) because there was a long line at the CR.
  1. Php500 budget would be enough but if you can bring more, it would be better.
  1. You'll be doing a lot of walking and hiking so please choose the best footwear - anything that is non-slippery.
  1. You can bring your own food - no corkage. Yay! I would suggest you bring your own food because some of the food stalls there are not really worth it.
  2. If you're in a very tight budget and don't want to spend money for a cottage, you can bring a thick cloth or anything that you can lay on the ground for you to sit or for your stuff. You can't see a lot of these free spots  though, especially at the first waterfall area. We were lucky to find a free spot at the last waterfall (topmost)
  3. Just expect to see a lot of families or kids there during weekends so if  you're expecting to experience nature with peace, don’t go there on a weekend.

Overall,  I was happy because it was a new place for me and I did not spend a lot of money. Seeing the waterfalls was also relaxing and some of my fats were burned due to walking and hiking, which is a nice. We went back to the City afternoon on the same day so we don't have to pay for accommodation. 

Me and my friend 
If you love nature and you feel like you are a fairy (but have minimal budget to spend on), this could be the perfect place for you so go for it! 

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