Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Limasawa Island Travel Guide 2018 (Southern Leyte)

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Prior to a few days ago, Limasawa wasn't really a place I knew too much of. Although I've heard about its religious and historical significance in the Philippines, I wasn't really interested because history is a part of our past. I just want to forget the past and move on. LOL. But kidding aside, it's a four-hour drive from Tacloban and I just didn't have the chance to do so. Fortunately, I got invited by a friend and with my very limited budget, I just went for it because... YOLO! 😁

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Balay ni Tatay Farm Resort, Babatngon Leyte

balay ni tatay farm resort babatngon leyte, little pinay explorer


Address: Villa Magsaysay, Babatngon Leyte
Business hours: 11am - 7pm everyday
Entrance Fee: Php50 each
Swimming Pool Use: Php150/head
Farm Tour: Php100/head
Contact number: 09173062361/ 09338584648

Thursday, August 23, 2018

HASSLE-FREE TOUR - Sohoton Cave and Natural Bridge, Basey Samar

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Although it's already my second time here, I still felt an excitement when I knew that I was coming back to Sohoton Cave and Natural Bridge in Basey Samar. The destination is still the same, but this time it is.... *drums rolling... it is hassle freeeeee! Yes that's right. I did a travel guide before for DIY trip but now it's my honor to present to you a better option. Instead of traveling inside a boring car from Tacloban City to Basey Town Proper, how about going there directly via boat? I think that's an awesome idea! I'm glad this was made possible by Aqua Momentum. Not only will they give you a hassle-free ride but will also cater everything that you need - from food, to entrance fees and etcetera. Imagine, you don't need to do anything else but to sit back, relax and enjoy your trip. Check out my video and pictures below to see how much I enjoyed the trip! 😆

Patio Victoria, Tacloban City - Resort Fees and Rates

Patio Victoria, San Jose, Tacloban City, swimming pool, baluarte, rates, fees, cottage

So just last weekend, I spent a lazy day with family and relatives at Patio Victoria Resort in San Jose, Tacloban City. If you're a Taclobanon born in the 90s, you should be very familiar about Baluarte Resort.  It was always the go-to place for family reunion or outdoor parties back in the days. Now don't be surprised, this is still the same place! They just changed the name to a more sophisticated one, with minor renovations. I'm glad they kept the structure of the swimming pool area as it gives a lot of childhood memories and it's seldom that we get to enjoy swimming without worrying about the heat of the sun since half of the pool is covered with a roof.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Cold Spring for a Warm Weather at Pines Farm Resort, Burauen Leyte

Pines Farm Resort Burauen Leyte cold spring

I'm not really a fan of cold springs due to cold intolerance but yesterday, my friend invited me to go to Pines Farm Resort in Burauen Leyte. I was just looking forward to filling my stomach with food and getting some fresh air but surprisingly, I enjoyed it more than expected. The cold spring water, the fresh air and the scenery - this is what weekends should be all about right? These pictures below would probably encourage you to go there asap! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Siargao Travel Guide 2018 - Suggested Itinerary and Expenses

Spending four days in Siargao was one of the best and happy days of my 2018. It is a beautiful island with the coolest people on earth! No wonder people just can't stop talking about it!

While it is known to be the surfing capital of the Philippines, there are other interesting things you can do to fully enjoy the island. My favorite spot was in Pacifico especially in the 'forbidden' tower. This is where you can see the BEST view in Siargao. And the best activity for me was the Sohoton Cove tour. By the way, in case you're wondering, I travelled 24 hours just to get here from Tacloban City,  Leyte. If you don't want to pay for expensive plane tickets and you're based in Eastern Visayas, you might want to check my travel guide here --> Tacloban to Siargao Travel Guide

Anyway, here's a sample itinerary that you can use as a guide to fully enjoy your Siargao experience!

Friday, June 29, 2018

San Pablo Island, Hinunangan Southern Leyte - Travel Guide (from Tacloban)

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Did you notice that here in the Philippines we have so many beautiful places that people know nothing about? One good example is San Pablo Island located in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte which is approximately 2-3 hours away from Tacloban City.

Limasawa Island Travel Guide 2018 (Southern Leyte)

Prior to a few days ago, Limasawa wasn't really a place I knew too much of. Although I've heard about its religious and hist...